Roller Coaster :)
Roller Coaster :)

remember that time
we both had that
thing for each other
and i intentionally
ran from it?
that innocent mutuality?
sometimes i look back
and regret running.
sometimes i gaze
behind me and say
“we were just there”
even if we were
but strangers.

your voice dances
in my head
but you are on
the other end of the forest,
carving your sweet, sweet
poems into the trees
to leave a mark on nature
(mother doesn’t mind),
to leave a mark
on those nomads
like you and i.

i hope, someday,
you look deep through
the flowers and brush
and our eyes meet once again.
our trajectories are parallel
but fate casts
no impervious spells.

flower, oh, flower, i can smell you miles away (via apo-etry)
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